"Those who know the breed will claim the Standardbred is one of the world's best kept secrets. A breed that in addition to being the fastest horse in harness also excels under saddle and faces every task asked of it with gentleness, patience and a bottomless heart."

- Horse Illustrated October 1993



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Disclaimer:  Many of the pictures on this site are not mine.  They are a compilation of my personal horses, along with photos that have been shared in the Facebook group.  While I believe that I have permission for most images, I could've made a mistake.  If there is a picture posted that you own and do not wish to have it posted here, please contact me and I will promptly remove it.  This group exists solely for breed promotion and educational purposes.  Nothing in this group is for personal financial gain.  I will be taking the steps to obtain 501c3 status in 2017.


Based out of Marion, NY




"I first fell in love with the Standardbred breed working at YMCA Camp Weona in Warsaw, NY.  My first equine love affair was with a retired pacer I called Preppy.  Although I was never able to decipher his lip tattoo and learn his true identity, I will never forget that little gelding.  More than a decade later, I’m proud to say I have had the opportunity to positively impact the lives of eleven Standardbreds (some are in my backyard, some have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and some have been rehabbed and leased).

I have created this group to help promote the Standardbred breed in the Rochester, NY area. (That is where the name "ROC The Standardbred' came from, ROC being Rochester for all you non-local people.)  Those of us who love them, know Standardbreds are talented in multiple arenas (pun intended), not only in harness racing.   Standardbreds are undervalued as riding horses in our area, which is a shame, considering our proximity to harness tracks.  While the need to promote the breed in Greater Rochester and New York is important, I cannot do it without Standardbred fanatics from all over.  I welcome Standardbred lovers from all over the globe to join me in singing the praises of the breed.

My primary goal for ROC the Standardbred is to promote the breed via my Facebook group, along with educational events.  In doing so, the breed will become more widely accepted and open to other retirement options.  Unfortunately, the biggest market for the breed is with the Amish.  I hope to support other groups who assist in retraining retired harness racers for their next career, those who adopt/place available Standardbreds and/or those who aid in the rescue of at-risk Standardbreds.  I would also like to get like-minded people together to tackle different areas to positively impact our retired/retiring horses and get people focused on the aftercare of these athletes as they retire from their racing career."

- Alyssa Hedges, President



ROC the Standardbred is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation.  We are a volunteer-based organization committed to the long-term sustainability and promotion of a versatile and talented equine breed. Working as a dedicated group of individuals, we will educate, train, support and motivate equestrian enthusiasts to see Standarbreds as more than racehorses. We will work to ensure this cherished breed not only survives, but thrives in various careers after the track.



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