Alyssa Hedges is the President and founder of ROC the Standardbred.  Alyssa was born with an inherited love of horses.  They have been a lifelong driver and obsession.


Alyssa first encountered the Standardbred breed at YMCA Camp Weona, where she volunteered as a young teenager.  She became reacquainted with the breed in 2011, when she found a Craigslist ad for a gelding being homed.  Since then, her love for the breed has been reignited and she has been involved in the lives of several Standardbred rescues.  Alyssa also realized that chasing the back end (aka, rescuing Standardbreds after they've been used up and tossed away) would be an ever-surmounting issue.  This prompted her to reevaluate how to make the best use of her efforts and ROC the Standardbred was born.

Alyssa currently works full time to support her full time dream to create a market for the breed.  She also has five of her own Standardbreds (well six, if you count the one leased to the group's Treasurer, Kate Czarnecki).