What is the Breed Ambassador Program?

Anyone who’s had the chance to work with this amazing breed for any length of time knows that they bring so much to the table.  It’s time to actively educate our equestrian friends about the breed and their capability to become a solid riding horse.  When I first started ROC the Standardbred, I thought that I needed to personally own, train and show off several Standardbreds.  Well, that was a silly and unrealistic belief.  Why work harder, with slower results when I can recruit people already active with their own Standardbred(s) to help in my mission?

So, ROC the Standardbred decided to launch our Breed Ambassador Program!  Each year, we will be looking for ambassadors to help promote the breed and highlight their strengths and versatility.  Ideally, our ambassadors will live in the Greater Rochester, NY area so they can join us for local events, but we are not opposed to ambassadors out of the region.  Our goal is to educate the equestrian community about the athleticism, heart and versatility of this incredible breed.  The ambassador program is open to Standardbred owners/adopters/lessees who actively participate in the Standardbred community.


 Ambassadors will promote ROC the Standardbred at various events and shows throughout the year by handing out literature, displaying banners and wearing ROC the Standardbred apparel.  Their equine partners have an equally important role demonstrating their aptitude for all disciplines, as well as, their unbeatable temperament.  Ambassadors will be responsible for providing blog entries, quality photos and fun video clips throughout the year to be shared on our website and social media pages.


Our focus for ambassadors will be to promote these horses in a fun, but safe way in which both horse and rider are set up for success.  Ribbons are fun, but not the primary goal.  We are laid back and want everyone to enjoy themselves, be it two or four legs!  Interested in becoming a future ROC the Standardbred Breed Ambassador?  Please read our Ambassador Agreement and then send your completed Ambassador Application to us!

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Check Out Our 2019 Breed Ambassador Program Lineup

2019's lineup includes 16 horse/rider teams representing NY, OH, NJ, MD and even Canada.  The horses have a collective career earnings of $2,898, 771!  We have barrel racers, eventers, jumpers, all-arounders and even some mounted archers!  Click the photos to read everyone's bios!

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