Ally Hedges, I can't thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to train & work with KC. He has 100% changed any opinion I had on Standardbreds, their versatility, their temperament, and their passion. KC absolutely has the best of it all. 


I picked him up in March from the auction house, as the only other person bidding on him was the kill-buyer. He was scared, underweight, untrusting, rushed through every doorway whether you were in the way or not, still had sweat marks from his Amish harness that he likely was drove to the auction in, and had no sparkle in his eye. He was miserable. Now he's turned into a handsome, shiny-coated, well-mannered sweetheart of a horse with a personality a mile wide! Not to mention one of the best trail horses I've ever had the pleasure of working with, plus tolerates any situation I've put him in (including barrel racing and a parade!) with ease. <3


He'll forever hold a spot in my heart, & I can't wait to see how far you two go together from here!

Meg Hems


About a year ago, I came across a Facebook post asking for someone to ride their horse to get him ready for an event.  I responded, because I thought it would be nice to get in the saddle during the winter, because I don't have an indoor where my horse is.  I went to meet this Standardbred horse named Jet and watched his owner ride to see if I felt I could ride him myself, considering I had never ridden this breed before.

His personality was, overall, a funny, quirky, goofy guy.  I went a few times to ride him with my daughter in tow.  He was a good boy, but not super comfortable with me on him, you could tell he was a little stressed.  After the first couple of rides, my daughter asked if she could ride him, too.  With the owner's permission, she got her chance.  Well, let me tell you, what a completely different animal he was.  He went into the mode of taking care of that 12 year old girl on his back.  He did everything she asked and then some.  From that point, she was the one to ride Jet (seems he found his kind of people).  To this day, my daughter enjoys riding him and will start taking lessons on him in the hopes of doing 4H with him in the spring.


It's nice to see these horses, that are mostly bred to race, have a great retirement with people doing other activities like barrel racing, dressage, Western Pleasure and HUS.

Daphine J

By definition the word standard means “used or accepted as normal or average.” I can tell you the little horse I was staring at was much less than “standard” anything. I had just picked up my partner for the 2014 Equine Comeback Challenge. I was the last trainer selected and had one horse to chose from, Louie a 4 yr old Standardbred.   All I can tell you is “standard” was not the word that came to mind as I looked over my new partner. His head was too big, his ears even bigger. His lips flopped like someone forgot to tighten a screw at birth, his back and neck matched that of a 16 hand horse meanwhile his butt high conformation told me he was only 15.1 hands high…. maybe.  Sure I had heard about Standardbreds before. They harness race right? Not only did I feel behind the other trainers as I was the last to pick up my horse but as I looked at this little horses conformation flaws I prayed that he had a good brain because we sure were not dealt favorable cards!


As I began working with Louie he surprised me in numerous ways.  From the beginning I was shocked by his willingness to take on whatever I put in front of him. When we picked him up from Lollypop Farm I lead him up to the trailer expecting to take as long as needed to get him on. I was shocked when I stopped at the trailer ramp and Louie blew past me into the trailer! With my jaw dropped, I closed up the trailer fairly impressed.  Although he didn’t trust me yet nor even know who I was, his demeanor wanted to please and was so willing I wondered if he would jump off a cliff if I asked him too.  As time went on he built strength and took everything in stride. His brain was intelligent and I couldn’t help but be encouraged after each of our rides.  


As a hunter/ jumper rider, I completely over looked the Standardbred breed. I knew little about them and had honestly no interest in them until Louie came into my life. The breed’s willingness to learn and mild demeanor made Louie a pleasure to work with, ride, and teach new things.  As a trainer I look for nothing more than a willing heart and a desire to try. Since working with Louie I have given Standardbred jumping a try. I don’t see him going to the Olympics any time soon, but he has a good time popping over a few fences now and again.  I would recommend Standardbreds to anyone looking for a willing partner. They truly desire to please and will be an extremely rewarding project should you find one in your barn!

Courtney VanderBrook

A Standard What??

I’m not one for breed discrimination, so several years ago, when a friend of mine purchased a blue roan Standardbred mare for her first event horse, I was excited to see how it worked out. We quickly learned how comical and affectionate the breed can be, as well as how smart and athletic they are! After my experience with her, I knew if another one came along, I would love to work with one.


Low and behold, a few years later, I had a boarder come in with an older Standardbred gelding, who had an unfortunate history of neglect. Despite that, he still confirmed their brains and affectionate nature. Unfortunately he was unsound, so my job was to just feed him and keep him happy throughout his later years. I took care of him for almost 5 years and I wouldn’t trade what he taught me for the world.


Fast forward to August 2018, when Ally posted an ad for a “Standony” aka a Standardbred pony cross. At the time that I was in the market for a large pony, so I figured, why the heck not? When I met Faye I was instantly in love with her size and personality and she didn’t disappoint under saddle either. She has just the right amount of pony “smarts” with the Standardbred personality and stride to even it all out. I am Proud to have her in my barn and she is well on her way to becoming a staple in my lesson program!


Standardbreds ROC!

Katie Brown

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