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Meet the Standardbreds who have been a part of my life...

I’m the thoroughbred for poor men
they say I’ve got an ‘ugly head’,
Not glamorous like a racer,
‘coz I pull a ‘cart’ instead,
I’m not your pretty show horse,
I haven’t read the dressage book,
Most people will see past me,
And not give me a second look,
They don’t see my robust body,
They don’t see my hardened feet,
They don’t see the better doer,
I don’t need premium to eat,
They don’t know that I’m steadfast,
I desire to be your mate,
Once I know I can trust you,
I’m waitin‘ at the gate,
They don’t know I am a trier,
I want to do my best,
I may need to learn some lessons,
To pass the riding test,
Yeah I may have some old baggage,
But give me time you’ll see,
Just have faith in this here Standy,
You’ll see what I can be,
I can jump like any warm blood,
I can dance like Arabs too,
I can take you for a trail ride,
Like the Quarter horses do,
I can cut like any stock horse,
I can bring it at Novelties,
I’m for pony club and adult,
For beginner or expertise,
I may just be ‘ A Standy’
Only bred to pull a cart,
But I’ll show you what I can really do,
If you just give me a start.

– Author Unknown

The Standardbred Poem 
By Catrina Godden

I am yesterday’s founding sire, 
Today’s great dam. 
The shadow of tomorrow’s 
Famed I am.

I boast the great Messenger, 
A clever pony or two. 
The Morgan and Arabs all three, 
Their blood courses through.

For a century or more 
My breed has been whole. 
My book was closed 
With refinement and soul.

I have created new breeds, 
This the Saddlebreds don’t regret. 
The Tennessee Walkers 
Requirements I’ve met.

Though I’m well known 
In the arena of speed, 
Performance under saddle 
Is also my creed.

My gait is not unique, 
Though highly refined. 
I will travel with ease 
Whether you sit on or behind.

With the disabled astride 
I willingly obey. 
Or as a dressage mount 
I will exhibit more disciplined ways.

I carry the brand of distinction 
For all to see. 
That signifies I am a horse 
For performance or company.

I’m often misjudged 
Because of my name. 
It doesn’t imply we are common 
Just capable of the same.

I do vary in type 
As I’ve been bred for speed, 
A horse for all seasons 
Whatever the need.

I may earn money and trophies 
Ribbons galore. 
But winning hearts 
Is where I really score.

I am yesterday’s courage, 
Today’s gracefully bred. 
Tomorrow’s versatility, 
I am the Standardbred.

I would also like to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who has participated in the group on Facebook.  From sharing stories, allowing me to use pictures, offering kind and inspiring words or being there when I need to vent frustrations (you know who you are), I couldn't keep plugging along without you!